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New Low Back Pain Guidelines

April 14th, 2017
Pain, therapies
low back pain

The American College of Physicians (ACP) recently released new guidelines for the treatment of low back pain. More specifically, the guidelines relate to “noninvasive” (i.e. conservative treatment, which excludes injection therapy and surgery), and “nonradicular” (i.e. localized low back pain, not associated with radiating sciatic pain) treatment. Among the highlights, the ACP now recommends that, […]

Motion is Lotion – Why Too Much Bed Rest is a Bad Idea

March 30th, 2016
Knee pain

For decades, the treatment for low back pain included bed rest and heat. It turns out these are two of the worst things you can do for a new injury. In a previous post, we covered when (and why) to ice or heat. Let’s discuss why too much bed rest is a bad idea. Our […]

Ice vs. Heat: When and How

February 17th, 2016
Ice vs. Heat

One of the most frequently-asked questions is about when to ice an injury and when to apply heat. Here’s the lowdown, and – as always – contact us with any questions. When to Ice (Cryotherapy) Always ice a new (acute) injury. Ice when you have sharp pain or radiating pain (e.g., down the arm from […]