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Listen to Your Mother and Stop Slouching!


Your parents told you to sit up straight. You probably tell your kids. But most of us ignore this advice. Big mistake!

That slouching, round-shouldered, head-forward posture is taking its toll on you. Headaches, neck pain, pain between the shoulder blades, and in the shoulder joints themselves. Numbness and tingling down the arms, lost productivity, and more. This, friends, is Upper Crossed Syndrome – also known as Text Neck.

The average human head weighs 10-12 pounds. Imagine a bowling ball balanced forward on your head! Your muscles have to work overtime to hold you upright. Some get tight. Some weak. The vicious cycle continues, day after day. The ibuprofen helps, but you read somewhere that taking too much of it is bad for you. (It is.) But you can’t function like this. What to do?

Here are three simple ways to break the cycle of Upper Crossed Syndrome:

Sit up straight! – Pretty simple, but you probably just caught yourself slouching again. We need reminders, so set your phone alarm or kitchen timer for 20 minutes to check your posture – or just use a simple Post-It Note.

Stay accountable –Tell your co-workers, friends, or family to keep an eye on you (and vice versa). Start a “kitty” with penalty money from slouchers to use for lunch or other activity.

Stretch – We can teach you a few simple, effective stretches that will take just a few minutes. Again, you’ll probably need a reminder of some kind until it becomes a habit, but you – and your health – are worth it.

Talk to Dr. Jim or Dr. Art for more information about stretching and other treatment options for pain caused by poor posture.

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