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No Pain IS Gain

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We’ve all heard the famous, or infamous, expression “no pain, no gain”. It sounds good, and it fits the mentality of many of us. “Work through the pain” is another variant. When dealing with recovery from an injury, however, it’s unsound advice. Why? Let’s take a look.

Your body has one primary way to let you know something is wrong or dysfunctional: pain! (Numbness, tingling, stiffness and fatigue are also in this category.) If something hurts, something’s wrong. So “working through it” or “toughing it out” is actually just further irritating an injured part, and therefore slowing or reversing the healing process.

We know that too much bed rest is bad, so what gives? As with many things, a happy medium is the best approach. Move frequently in a tolerable zone. Introduce rehabilitative stretches and exercises when appropriate, not too soon. Don’t return to your previous or pre-injury level of exercise – better to back off a little and build back up. Listen to your body, and don’t stretch or exercise in a painful zone. Of course, we expect some pulling or stretching (hence the term “stretch”!), but not the kind of pain that brought you into our office in the first place.

At Lakewood Chiropractic Offices, we offer a vast array of rehabilitative stretching and strengthening programs to help you heal faster and keep you stable once you’re better.

And please don’t ignore maintenance care. We can’t tell you how often patients say that they experienced mild soreness or stiffness before a significant injury. Get in here before the major blowout and maybe save yourself some misery.

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