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The Morning Blues – Listen to Your Body


Most of us expect to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day. It seems logical, doesn’t it? But why do you wake up feeling so stiff and sore – even after a good night’s sleep?

There could be several reasons why you’re feeling “the morning blues,” including:

Your sleep positions – Stomach sleeping leads to neck, shoulder, and upper-back pain, as well as numbness and tingling down your arms.

Your mattress and/or your pillow – Most mattresses get tired within 10 years, some sooner. Even a good cervical spine pillow will need to be replaced every 2-3 years.

Your age – Arthritis frequently sets in as we age, making us feel tight and achy when we awaken.

If you’re waking up feeling stiff and sore (and cranky!), here’s what to do about it:

Stay up all night! – Okay, those days are over, so read on for some actual solutions.

Sleep on your side – Use just enough pillow to keep your neck and head straight: too little or too much pillow causes your head to tilt down or up.

Or sleep on your back – When on your back, you need just enough pillow to support your head and neck. Too tall a pillow will push your head and neck forward. (Not as good an option if you snore. Your neck will feel better, but your ribs will be killing you from the elbow of your loving spouse!)

Get regular chiropractic adjustments – We believe that maintenance care can help with your aches and pains and prevent more serious episodes down the road.

Finally, ask us for mattress and/or pillow advice – We carry what we believe to be the best neck pillow on the market – at a competitive price.

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