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Backpack Safety Tips

September 14th, 2018
spine health
Two girls are walking to school holding hands on their first day wearing backpacks

It’s hard to believe that it’s September and the kids (and many adults) are back to school. It’s also the perfect time for a reminder about how to avoid problems caused by too-heavy backpacks. There’s been an alarming trend in increased back, shoulder, and neck pain in children linked to overweight bags – often slung […]

“I Didn’t Do Nuthin’!” -Sleep Positions and Posture

October 17th, 2017
Pain, spine health
sleep-related back pain

We had a new patient in the office recently with a complaint of right upper back, shoulder blade, and neck pain. He also noted intermittent right arm ache, numbness, and tingling to the ring and pinky fingers. “I haven’t done anything to cause this, I just woke up with it yesterday and it was bad. […]

The Morning Blues – Listen to Your Body

January 20th, 2016
spine health
Morning blues

Most of us expect to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day. It seems logical, doesn’t it? But why do you wake up feeling so stiff and sore – even after a good night’s sleep? There could be several reasons why you’re feeling “the morning blues,” including: Your sleep positions […]

Your Child’s Backpack May Lead to Back Pain

November 18th, 2015
spine health
Backpack misuse

It’s back-to-school time and good time for a reminder that overweight backpacks can lead to back pain for your child. It’s a real concern, and, according to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), backpacks should be limited to no more than 10% of your child’s body weight. Other recommendations from the ACA include: Backpacks should never […]

Listen to Your Mother and Stop Slouching!

October 21st, 2015
spine health
Text neck

Your parents told you to sit up straight. You probably tell your kids. But most of us ignore this advice. Big mistake! That slouching, round-shouldered, head-forward posture is taking its toll on you. Headaches, neck pain, pain between the shoulder blades, and in the shoulder joints themselves. Numbness and tingling down the arms, lost productivity, […]